A Philadelphia nonprofit wants to open the first drug injection site in the US to combat the opioid crisis. Is it against federal law?

As complicated as this can be a injection center can be beneficial especially in the sense that it will prevent deaths and spread of disease like HIV/AIDS

Anna Marshall

The U.S. attorney in Philadelphia anda nonprofit are embroiled in a battle over the organization’sattempt to open a supervised opioid injection site.

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Geographic Variations in Opioid Prescription Rates

The amount of morphine equivalent in the country is ridiculous. Doctors are mindlessly prescribing massive amounts of a highly addictive drugs without foreseeing any repercussions.

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This video was made for tech class, it explains certain ways that you could prevent opioid abuse. This presentation allows both increased awareness and help on how to prevent family members and/or friends keep away from abusing opioids in safe ways. These types of ideas include the use of programs, drugs, and also experiments taken in order to prevent the use of opioids for abusing means.

Opioids are drugs that could both help us but also destroy us and the people around us. With these safety methods of preventing it we both caution people from taking it in an abusing way and also give measures of preventing it in case anyone is peer-pressured into taking it or taken in by a possible release. People are weak, some are unable to deal with the circumstances they’re put in and may turn to opioids in order to deal with their problems.